Are you thinking about buying a house? Your acquaintance tells you that his Aunt Nancy works for a buyers agent Sydney, so you make a deal with her. You don’t hear from Nancy for two weeks after that. Finally, she calls back with the “perfect” home: a ranch-style house. You, on the other hand, tell her that you wish to start a colony. It also goes above your budget by $100,000!

Or are you thinking about selling your house? After a colleague tells you that her uncle Vernon has earned his real estate license, you decide to give ol’ Vern a shot. Let’s go back a few months. Vernon has held a few open houses and has your property up for his website, but no one has been to see it. You look on Zillow and Trulia but the property isn’t listed on either website.

You hired an ineffective buyers agent Sydney in each of these cases. It’s crucial to understand the warning signs since some real estate salespeople are just bad at what they do. They’ll be divided into buyer and seller agents. You’ll know what to watch out for and how to get out of any potentially risky situation this way.

The best way to spot a bad buyers agent Sydney

Indicators That Your Buyers agent Sydney Is Inept

Buying a house is one of the most important investments you can make, so work with a company you can trust. The following are five signs that you’re dealing with a bad buyer’s agency:

Communication Problems

Property buyers’ inability to reach their real estate agents is one of the most common complaints they have about them. The buyers get in touch with us. They compose. They connect with each other through email. And what kind of reaction do they get? Crickets. This is especially problematic in a competitive real estate market, where it is vital to move quickly when you find a home you want. You may lose out on opportunities to buy the house of your dreams due to a lack of communication. Accept nothing less than an agency that disregards your needs.

Conflicts of Power

We’ll admit that guiding a home buyer through (what is almost definitely) the biggest purchase they will ever complete demands a certain level of trust. This does not, however, mean that your buyers agent Sydney should lose sight of who is in command. You. Are. The. Boss. A real estate agent that encourages you to buy a property you’re not sure about or one that’s out of your price range is more concerned with their commission than with your best interests.

Deficit in Leadership

A buyers agent Sydney that is merely a yes-man and gives no guidance, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of this. You want an agency that will provide you honest advice based on their expertise and experience, even if they know you may not agree with their suggestions. A hesitant buyer’s agent may lack the expertise needed to negotiate a reasonable price on your new house, or they may just be unqualified for the job.

The best way to spot a bad buyers agent Sydney

Possessive Attitude

You want your buyers agent Sydney to believe in their abilities, as previously said. This does not, however, give them license to be a jerk. Your buying agency should be patient enough to answer each question without assaulting you with technical jargon, no matter how many you have or how simple they are. Furthermore, you must have faith in your agency’s capacity to represent you professionally. It’s easy to understand: You are not obligated to work with a buying agency that is arrogant, rude, or just nasty.

You’re not getting anywhere.

Months have gone by. You’re no closer to buying a home than you were when you started. This is a critical problem. This might be your issue if you’re being too harsh on the houses your realtor shows you. Your agency, on the other hand, is wasting your time if it is not showing you any houses at all or, worse, continues to show you homes that you have previously said are not a good match.

If you’re nodding your head as you go through this list of red flags, or if tiny lightbulbs are flashing in your head, it’s time to hire someone fresh.

Signs that you’re dealing with a shady seller’s agency

When selling a house, a competent sellers agency (also known as a listing agency) is essential. The following are five signs that your listing agency isn’t up to the task:

With fewer than two years of full-time job experience

For a listing agency, this is a deal-breaker. An inexperienced agency lacks the required business connections and (in certain situations) know-how to conduct the home-selling process. The sale of your home might be jeopardized by a misfiled paperwork or a missed deadline. You’ll want a skilled negotiator on your side, both for the sale price and any repairs that may be required following the home inspection. Furthermore, experience cannot be faked.

The best way to spot a bad buyers agent Sydney

You should not wait for your buyers agent Sydney to contact you

Your organization may use a number of methods to connect with you. If you find yourself seeking updates from your agency on a regular basis, or if you get no replies, this is a major red sign. Even if nothing noteworthy has happened, your organization should make it a point to keep you updated.

Marketing that is ineffective

Your agency’s goal is to get as many potential buyers to come see your house as possible, which requires a lot more than simply putting a sign in your yard and posting a photo on their website. This is known in the industry as “Post and Pray.” It’s when you put a sign in front of a home in the hopes that it will sell. While we passionately believe in the power of prayer, we also recognize the value of marketing and hard work.

Inquire about your agency’s home marketing strategy. Make sure you understand why they prefer some locations over others. They may have a good reason, but they need to tell you about it.

Priorities that are incorrect

When it comes to the pay of a buyers agent Sydney, the math is simple: the more expensive the house, the higher the charge. When an agency represents its clients, however, such facts should never be taken into account. Is your realtor treating you as though you’re a “lesser” client because your home is more expensive? What to watch for: a lack of communication, lateness for appointments, a lack of patience when responding to questions, and even pressure to drop your asking price without giving evidence to support the decision.

Nothing is going on.

In the end, everything comes down to this: Real estate is a result-oriented business. If no showings, calls, or interest have been received in weeks, it’s time for your buyers agent Sydney to have a “come to Jesus” meeting. At this meeting, your realtor should present some new ideas for attracting buyers, and they should be able to explain how those ideas will help you sell your home. If they don’t, or if they promise to but the problem persists, you should end your association with the ineffective buyers agent Sydney.

The best way to spot a bad buyers agent Sydney