When it comes to your betta fish, the last thing that you want is to feed your betta fish the wrong amount of food.

This is because the fish can become sick if you are feeding it too much food. And, for beginners, this is something that can happen all the time. They are worried that the fish is still hungry and then he is getting fed again. With this information, you will know and understand more about how much food you should feed your betta fish.

Why is overfeeding dangerous

Beginners with managing and caring for betta fish food, might not know why this is so dangerous to feed your betta fish too much food. And, this isn’t just about a betta fish, when it comes to overfeeding.

Most fish should rather get not enough food than giving it too much food. And, there are many reasons for this. It can make the fish sick, and the aquarium filthy. Some of the illnesses that a betta fish can have, can cause their death if you don’t react fast enough. This is why you should make sure that you are giving your betta fish the right amount of food, and not consider overfeeding it.

The number of pellets you can give per fish

Many people believe that they are giving a betta fish just four pellets. This can be a great suggestion, but this also might mean that you can overfeed the fish.

If you have a young betta fish, giving it four pellets might be way too much, and you will be overfeeding your fish. This can become dangerous, as mentioned before. If you are giving your fish 4 pellets, you should watch and see if he is eating all four pellets. If not, you should not give that amount again.

Another way of making sure that you give the right amount of food to your betta fish

Professionals are making sure that they are feeding their betta fish just the right amount of food. And, the way to do that, is to make sure that the number of pellets that you are giving your fish is just as large as the fish’s eyeball.

If the pellets in your hand are larger than the eyeball of the fish, then you are overfeeding the fish. When you see that you have the right number of pellets, you can count how many pallets to give each and every day.

Reduce the amount of fish that doesn’t eat all the food

If you are worried that you might feed your betta fish too much food, then you should wait a while after you fed the fish. See how many pellets he is eating up immediately, and how many are just laying around.

If there are any pellets that are laying around, you should reduce the number of pellets that you are giving, so that there isn’t any leftover food that can make your fish sick.

Remove leftover food to keep the tank clean

With the betta fish that didn’t eat all the pellets up in one go, the pellets are going to lay down in the aquarium and making it filthy. Especially over time. You should make sure that you are removing the leftover food to keep the tank clean and to prevent the fish from eating throughout the day.

Letting him have food for later, is something that you should do with fish. And, for sure this isn’t something that you should do with your betta fish. Many people have lost their betta fish before, because of this. Leaving the leftover food for the fish to eat later.

Betta fish is delicate and you need to treat it just perfectly in order for the fish to be healthy and happy. However, the one thing that you should make sure about, is that you are feeding it just the right amount of food. You can start with four pellets, or you can give the amount of food that is the size of the fish’s eyeball. Then, you will know that your fish didn’t get overfed and have the chance to die. If you are taking the time to ensure that the fish is eating the right amount of food, you will have a fish that is in good condition for a much longer time.

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How Much Food to Feed a Betta Fish?